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Christopher Raven has been writing songs for over 30 years and has written and recorded over 300 original songs. He plays guitar, bass, piano and with a sound engineering background, he has produced many albums and music videos which are shared around the world.


We are new on the scene. What do you get when you mix a teacher, bureaucrat, administrator, and IT professional all with strong personalities and diverse musical taste?  For the most part it isn’t pretty (at least some of it isn’t) but we share a love of playing music; our “Common Ground”  Currently with one foot in the basement and one foot on the stage, we are pleased to playing at this event. 

Pat Campbell- Lead Guitar;  Luanne Flaumitsch- Rhythm and Bass Guitar;  Susan Mallandaine-Vocals;  Brian MacKinnon- Drums


Elizabeth MacInnis is a Canadian born singer-songwriter. Her rich and varied musical upbringing now finds her combining Pop, Jazz, Soul and Roots. In 2013 Elizabeth released her debut solo album "One Eye On The Highway" with famed Los Angeles, California producer Billy Sherwood (William Shatner / Toto / YES) Her Original Holiday EP ‘That’s What Christmas Means To Me, a collection of 5 original songs has been playing on radio globally during the Holiday season.

Mark Flores began his musical journey in school where he started on the sax, followed by percussion so naturally drums then perfecting Djembe was next on his now lengthy list. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who happens to be an incredibly soulful singer with a very appealing rock tinge. In 1999, he met and began playing with the band Bunkeye, together they wrote & recorded 2 CDs. You might just see them performing in and around the hip Edmonton 

music scene.

Elizabeth & Mark drew musical sparks the very first moment they sang together in 2004 and since then have always taken every opportunity to perform together .When it came time to find the perfect voice for her new single ‘Sensitive Guy” she wrote as a duet, Mark was the clear choice. Recorded and produced by Stew Kirkwood in Edmonton, the new song is set for Global release  this fall.


“Funk Sway" is a group of four friends combining an " in your face" infusion of soul, progressive, psychedelic, surf rock and alternative grunge influences. Every song they create is based on life experiences and adventure, with a humanitarian twist. Magnetic riffs, solid drums and powerhouse vocals, captivate fans and transport them into a world where idealistics become reality.

Funk Sway is: Founder and lead vocalist , Malukai Turnbull - strong and sassy , this leading lady brings over 10 years of blues, soul, and funk to a whole new level. Influences such as Ani diFranco, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and Fleetwood Mac inspire her to sing lyrics of life and healing, through music she finds in her soul.

Founder and guitarist, Gerald Kisoun - with drive, and 10 years of experience, Gerald brings out the progressive side of Funk Sway. His influences are Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine 

and Tool.

Drummer, "T"- with at least 10 years of drumming experiences in many of Edmonton's underground bands, He brings the groove from surf, and psychedelic rock to Funk Sway. T combines his love of surf rock with influences such as Nirvana, and The Doors to heighten the bands creativity.

Bassist, Mike Lockleen - his influences are great Canadian bands such as the Tea Party, and Rush. Mike has been in other bands since 2008 and brings much experience to Funk Sway.

Funk Sway is sure to entertain and make you dance!


Giselle Boehm is a young vocalist and pianist, and is rapidly developing her reputation as a singer/songwriter. She has written over sixty original songs to date, and has performed them at a wide array of venues across Alberta.​

Stylistically and vocally, she has repeatedly been compared to musicians such as Regina Spektor, Nora Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, and Feist. Her writing echoes the genres of everything from jazz, to alternative pop, to indie-folk, but when it comes down to it, she most comfortably defines herself as a “singer/songwriter.”


After various collaborations, the members of GROOVEATER came together in the summer of 2013. Playing all original material, this collective brings together their many influences, ranging from funk-fusion to groove oriented hard rock. GROOVEATER is excited to be making their live debut at The Party in The Park Music Festival as all members strongly believe in the positive influence of music and community.​

GROOVEATER is:  Rammy – Guitar; Tiberius Juggernaut – Bass;  J Cleveland – Drums; Shack - Vocals.


Born and bred in Germany, Harry Welling started regular stage appearances in his home
country in the early 80’s. After starting off in Folk Clubs he soon sang and entertained his way into the very lively Club and Mess Scene of the NATO FORCES Garrisons in Europe.

With more than 2000 shows he became an institution in the music clubs. He still appeared regularly in the Music Clubs and Music Festivals alongside the international artists, like Tom Paxton, Hamish Imlach, Steeleye Span, Harvey Andrews, Iain Mackintosh, Ralph McTell, Doug Porter, Allan Taylor and many more … Not least because of his remarkable voice and range the German media and press named Harry Welling “The German John Denver”.

In 1988 Harry Welling was on tour around the folk clubs in Germany one ofwhich was managed by a young singer from Northern Ireland, Sinead Reynolds, who had left Ireland for Germany only a couple of years previous. Harry and Sinead soon started singing together, became inseparable and got married in 1993. In 1992 they recorded their first album “Quiet Moods” and have done a number of recordings since then. In 2000 they found their way to Alberta to play a few venues and clubs, only to come back on a more regular base and finally decide to move with their children and live in Edmonton.


Mohammad Mamun Hasan playing music on Hawaiian guitar (aka steel guitar) has been a passion for Hasan, a trained physician from Bangladesh. He has performed at hundreds of community and social-cultural events in Bangladesh and Canada. He plays music including Bengali folks and songs of Rabindra Nath Tagore and Nazrul Islam, famous poets and musicians of India and Bangladesh. ​

A family man and father of two university going daughters, he manages time to play his guitar regularly on top of his full time work helping people with addiction and mental illness and raising a family. His recent interest is experimenting with his steel guitar to play Ghazal and Indian Ragas (classical based music) that are traditionally played on Sitar.


HEAD OVER HEELS is a versatile group that delivers captivating performances to elevate the mood of special events and parties. This dynamic five piece band plays a unique selection of instantly recognizable music that pulls your guests onto the dance floor. HEAD OVER HEELS provides a thrilling live music experience that has audiences thoroughly smitten!


Hotblack Desiato is a band that lives where hard rock and the blues meet.  Formed in 2013 for a one-time charity gig, the guys in Hotblack found a shared love of guitar-driven, high energy rock like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, Thin Lizzy, and Deep Purple.  Simply put, Hotblack seeks to entertain.​

Hotblack Desiato is: Blair Brown---Drums, Matthew Goldman--Bass Guitar/Vocals, Neil Thompson--Lead Guitar - Norm Thoms--Lead Vocal/Guitar.


Janie Chadwick has been performing throughout Ontario for the past 6 years, and has recently relocated to Alberta to spread the love to one in all at The Party in the Park. Her small stature playing her ukulele exudes the same towering energy when playing guitar or belting out songs with just a mic. L​

Let’s see if you can keep up the dance with her…she can tired your kids out!  In The DogHouse with Janie, are drummer Jerry B. Vague, bass virtuoso Rich Stenson, and Scoobie-Doo on guitar.


With about 20 years working in the background of Edmonton's music scene in production and live sound, Lisi is now finally starting to reach out to audiences with her own brand of folk music, a mixture of Mexican, gypsy, jazz, country, and blues influences. As a young girl she loved to sing and started performing in a church group,
and eventually went on to study opera at the U of A. She then delved into vocal jazz and began her long involvement with the Edmonton Jazz Society at the Yardbird Suite. 

She began writing and performing her originals, and Mexican Folk music about 10 years ago, fitting it in between a thriving career and a young family, and hopes to make time to record a CD in the near future. She performs solo and a times she rounds up a few musical friends to form a band. With song titles like Psycho Internet Lover, That Girl Is Ex-Wife Material, and You're a Jerk, she loves sharing the stories behind her songs about life, love and loss, delivered with a twist of wry humour.


Lora Jol is a delicate songbird with a smooth rich voice that blends and contrasts elegantly against her electronic styled music. Her song "Buckets Full of Snow" in her new album Nowhere Near is beautifully sung with her rich high register bouncing in a lithe rhythm blending delicately with the electronic music in the background. ​

Her sound is unique, her style is unique and her music is fresh. Lora Jol's sound is one that hits home. " I try to sing what you don't want to say," she said, but she sings it in the most beautiful and captivating way possible


Vintage Rock 'n' Roll that will thrill your soul! These Middle-Aged Rock Stars are a group of fine musicians who have one thing in common: they love music and they love to entertain. With many years of collective musical experience behind them, they put this band together within the last year or so to play music and to have fun. 
Rooted in the pop and rock hits of the 60's and 70's, these guys take the time to get it right, with an energetic front man, a wealth of musical chops, and great vocal harmonies! 

Garry Keiller (guitar and keyboards), Eric Martin (bass guitar and vocals), Sean Murray (drums and vocals), Charan Huns (vocals, congas and what not), and Frank Nobert (guitar, keyboards and vocals) have a great collective musical talent and energy that brings life to any party!


Nick Samoil is a Rock and Popular music artist, appearing on stages in the Edmonton area on a weekly basis. Nick has composed and produced music for theatre, film, and video games, and recently obtained a Bachelor of Music degree. He will be appearing with his band Jericho West. ​

You can follow Nick and listen to his original music at or


Nicky Pearson is a country music singer/songwriter from Edmonton. She brings a sound that is a combination of fun country, pop and rock with her original material being personal love stories that we can all relate to. Influences stem from the likes of Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Leann Rimes and Miranda Lambert. ​

With her first independent single now out on ITunes and her recent 1st place win at the 2015 Global Country Star Search Competition she has an exciting year ahead including travelling to Nashville spring 2016 to compete in the North American Country Association Music International Awards.


"ROGUE", from Edmonton. 

Adam Shegelski (26) originally from Winnipeg, plays rhythm guitar and lead vocals, and his nickname is 2.0.

Adam Roberts (28) originally from Kingston, ON, plays drums, and his nickname is Caveman.

Ben Mulholland (42) originally from Hamilton, ON, plays bass and his nickname is B Man.


Samhita Nair, at the age of 15, has slowly but surely made a name for herself in the world of music. Samhita’s introduction to music was through her dad who is himself an accomplished singer. Samhita always eagerly accompanied him to his various performances and these appearances slowly laid the base for her first stage performance at the age of 5.​

Samhita is well known in the South Asian community for her Bollywood numbers but for the rest she is known as Little Adele due to her love for Adele and her songs. She has received formal musical training in 2 different Indian music styles and furthers her passion by continuing her training in Western classical music under the tutelage of Miriam Co for the past 8 years 


At its heart, The Slim Duncan Band is a blues band. However, they come in the flavour of a 70's power trio, and venture quite often into the blues/rock genre. This makes sense because the band was formed out of a previous original blues/rock band called The Fireseeds. With the singer leaving The Fireseeds and guitarist Ross VanEldik then stepping in to sing, ​

The Slim Duncan Band began. The  band's repertoire consists of both covers and originals in the form of roots/rock n' roll music with a thick layer of blues. They are a group that are sure to get you groovin' and put a smile on your face. 


Sophie Hunter: Vocals and percussion.

Mike Chenoweth: Guitar, vocals, harmonica, percussion.

Sugarfoot plays a mix of Blues, Jazz, old-school Country favourites and originals, performed with acoustically accompanied vocal virtuosity by Sophie and Mike! Timeless favourites and original compositions performed with imaginative flair!” 


After several failed attempts at running a traveling sandwich shop, Edmonton artists Curtis Jacobs and Nick Chesterton began working on a new project, The Decadent Chocolatier's. Described as their musical love child, the Chocolatier's sound evokes the feeling a real good Wednesday morning sleep in. ​

The pair has been cooking the songbooks together for almost a decade and lists among their influences The Virtues of Courage, Joy and George Clooney. With their velvety harmonies and sweet pickin' and the temptation to love this band is just a whim away. 


The JAL Tones is an up-and-coming band, consisting of three very talented young musicians. With Jaedyn Pilon on guitar, drums and piano, Alex Sagert on lead guitar and bass, and Leah Thibault as lead singer, they are a tight knit group, thrown together by fate (and rigorous auditions). These three friends met at Victoria School of The Arts, and became band mates.
They have performed several gigs, and are currently signed under The Culture Publishing and Distribution Label. Their new single, "Against The Odds" is just about to be released on iTunes.  Check out their Instagram page @the_jal_tones. To book for party, picnic, festival, or any other event contact via email, the, or Instagram, @the_jal_tones.


Transonic is a band that formed this summer as part of a week long camp at Visionary College. The group consists of 13-year old Josh Nason (vocals), 13-year old Ryan Simmons (lead guitar), 15-year old Shea Livingstone (bass guitar) and 11-year old Wyatt Happer (drums). The band will be performing two cover tunes and an original song they composed and wrote. 


“Dance Music you can Listen to...

Listening music you can Dance to” 

The Vaguely Familiar Band absolutely LOVEs to entertain the crowd’s with their wide variety of vaguely familiar Fun Fun tunes!  With the driving bass groove of Edmonton born Rob Supynuk, yer gonna move your hips. 

Our local boy Doug Anderson has performed in Western Canadian bands since the mid 60’s His clean-chunky rhythmic lead licks will send chillzzz up yer backbone.   Hailing from Flin Flon, Manitoba, Ron Deans will bang on his drum all day if you give him half the chance.   Acoustic rhythm and amazingly fantastic singer, all the way from across 111 St. and Saddleback is our very own Trefor Gonzalez. 

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